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In 1947 Corneluis "Neal" VerSluis Sr. took out a $5,000.00 loan to start his first business venture, essentially a two man operation concentrating on driveline parts, rebuilding  and garage repair. 

Through hard work, long hours and dedication to service, customers soon began to rely on Neal's for all their Truck Parts & Service needs. 

By the 1960's, Neal's sons, Bob and Chip Jr., had taken over the business and leadership. This was a period of incredible growth for the Trucking Industry and Neal's as well.

       Driveline Specialists & Much More:

As time passed Neal's grew into one of the Midwest's Premiere Truck Parts Dealerships, "Driveline Specialists" became synonymous with Neal's.

Small independents and Fleet owners alike depended on Neal's when their vehicles needed fast garage service, delivery, and/or parts.

Rebuilding of Transmissions & Differentials became a core business and new products, vendors and product lines were continuously added.

        Building on Success: 

Neal's Truck Parts has seen many expansions in both  staff and facility as our little store front now has grown  into a Multi-Warehouse and Multi-Division Business, with sales now extending nationwide and even international. But the founding ideals of fast delivery and expert service have always remained.

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