West Michigan's Exclusive 

   Muncie Master Warehouse 

    Stocking the Vast Muncie Product Line of

    PTO's,  Pumps,  Valves & Hydraulics



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     We're PTO Experts!

    PTO's by  Muncie &  


       Complete Set-up & Changeovers 

       PTO Parts and in House Bench Service

       Ratio Changes       

       Special Applications



                          TG Series Powerflex PTO

                 Muncie TG Series PTO's

                     FA Series PTO

                      FA Series PTO

                  Fits  Super Duty Ford 

   New & Rebuilt Pumps:

    Muncie, Commercial,  Vickers 

    Dump Pumps, Refuse, Clutch Pumps


           H Series Clutch Pump        K Series Gear Pump/Motor

            S Series Hoist Pump           E/EH Series Dump Pumps

      Hydraulic Test Stand

      Every rebuilt Pump is tested for pressure & 

      tolerance on our state-of- the- art Hydraulic 

      Test Stand designed to simulate real world

      driving conditions.





  Hydraulic Tanks & Wet Line Kits

            We install Wet Lines & Wet Kits!




          Central Hydraulics:  

          Sales and Installations

       Computerized Design through Muncie



       Cables and Controls:


         Muncie and Greasen in Stock





           Overspeed Switches

          Spreader Controls, MESP's


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